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Professional paintball player Dave "The Beast" Bains competes in tournaments around the world, but he always comes back to his family's paintball park to share tips with newcomers or referee a game. Some days, he'll pick up a marker and take to the sprawling arena himself, joining other guests as they scramble past giant spools, towering inflatable bumpers, and gigantic tunnels. The sounds of whizzing paintballs and laughter resound across the park's eight fields as players duck behind castle walls and roll over turf and grass. After games, they'll retire to the staging area and rest beneath the shaded picnic area or cool off in the gentle spray of water misters.

Dave and his staff open the fields to guests aged 10 and older, assigning groups of players to separate games according to skill and experience level. They equip guests with professional markers, paintballs, and protective gear.

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