Kristin Walton Boot Camp and PT

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1920 T Street Sacramento, CA 95817


During her college years, Kristin Walton—like most students—gave into the lure of alcohol and fast food, which led to the dreaded freshman 15...and then some. With her jeans fitting a bit too snuggly, the former competitive synchronized swimmer knew she needed to make a change. She started with yoga a few times a week, but it wasn’t downward dog that sparked her weight-loss—it was a local boot camp. From there, Kristin cleaned up her diet, enhanced her muscle definition, eventually shed 40 pounds, and gained a NASM personal training certification.

Today, she returns the favor by running her own boot camp and personal training facility, where she coaches students of all ages and athletic abilities through circuit-style training that uses body-weight exercises, kettlebells, and TRX training machines. Unlike traditional boot camps, Kristin trades in a hoarse throat and steam-emitting ears for heart-pumping music and constructive motivation; she never lets a student perform a move incorrectly and always helps less experienced exercisers make adjustments. She also doles out one-on-one advice and motivation during personal training sessions and directs clients to a blog full of healthful recipes.