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7895 Stockton Blvd Sacramento, CA 95823


Perry and Sophia Potiris opened the Original Perry's in 1968 at the local Arco station. The eatery, then known as Trukadero, was the first of Arco's coast-to-coast chain of truck-stop diners. When lines began to form for their fluffy omelets, fried chicken, and gravy-smothered meatloaf, Perry and Sophia opened Mr. Perry's in 1973. They placed it just across the way, preferring to compete with themselves than a brood of pancake-flipping octopuses. While both eateries have similar menus, Mr. Perry's has a more upscale edge. When Perry and Sophia decided to retire from the restaurant world, they turned over the reins to a longtime employee who began his own career with them as a busboy at age 16.

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