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    44% Off a Painting Event at Local Pub
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    71% Off at Courage Martial Arts and Fitness
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    84% CrossFit Classes
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    Up to Half Off Urban Dare Adventure Race for Two
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    Up to 53% Off Art Classes
    Central Sacramento
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    Up to 71% Off Digital Photography Class 
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1801 20th St Sacramento, CA 95811


Gina Rossi's art comes to life in a flurry of sparks and cauldrons of heat. A self-taught artist and certified metal-inert-gas (MIG) welder, her work incorporates fused glass, paintings, and organic metal figures, and has been featured in the Sacramento Press, as well as KCRA Channel 3 news. When she was young, Rossi's forays into art and imagination provided stable solace from her tumultuous and oft-troubled childhood, and her passion eventually flowered into a full-time endeavor. Through her growth as an artist, she adopted a trash-into-treasure approach, working with recycled metal and glass, and earning notoriety for getting Oscar the Grouch evicted to craft a piece from his former home. Her regular welding and fused-glass-art classes share her talents with eager students, as do her efforts with community art projects, which empower young, disabled, and elderly people to make their creative mark in the world.