10031 Manchester Rd Saint Louis, MO 63122


From the first waft as you dive headfirst through Breadsmith's door and slither your way to its inviting counter, it's readily apparent that each morsel of tantalizing fare is made from scratch, trace amounts of sniff, and stardust. The family-centric bakery uses some of the finest, freshest, and most forbidden fruit-like ingredients to create the city's highest-quality breads. Breadsmith's list of dozens of breads changes seasonally and consists of many European-style and whole-grain loaves. April's daily bread offerings, for example, range from $2.79 to $9.50 a loaf and include French baguettes ($3.59), rustic Italian ($4.25) paisanos, sourdough ($4.29), heart-healthy flaxseed ($4.79), braided challah that'll make you hollah ($5.99), apple-pie bread ($6.99) that occasionally contains baseballs and pictures of Mom, and a few surprises. All of the bread is tenderly handmade and hearth-baked in a six-ton Bongard oven while being sung gentle lullabies.

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