Sabu's Coffee

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5708 Oakland Ave Saint Louis, MO 63110


The chipper crew at Sabu’s Coffee whips up menus replete with hearty all-day breakfast fare, tasty paninis, and hot and cold beverages. The beanery brews up a plenitude of ambrosial coffee and espresso quaffs made with organic Goshen coffee beans roasted in St. Louis ($1.95–$4.65). Breakfast, hailed by diners as the supreme emperor of the meal world, includes old-fashioned oatmeal with assorted toppings ($2.95) and customizable omelettes with an array of savory fillings ($5.95). Wrap hands around a toothsome smoked turkey panini accessorized with spinach, fig, and brie, a portable lunch alternative to packing your own whole poultry ($5.95+ for a whole panini). Toasted walnuts, mandarin oranges, goat cheese, and seasonal fruit unite to battle vicious stomach growls in the fresh organic spinach salad ($5.95), while a lineup of homemade sugary noshes treats sweet teeth to baklava ($2), gelato ($1.99 per 3-oz. scoop), gooey butter cookies ($1.50–$3) and envious glances from passing Cookie Monsters.

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