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7005 4th Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33702


While some hypnotherapists work by conditioning the psyche to reject bad habits, Andrea Crouch prefers to open the psyche to its power of choice. Her affirming intonations dissolve feelings of obligation and frustration, replacing them with a sense of agency and self-worth. She believes that people who "love themselves fully" are less likely to find solace in addictions, unhealthy diets, and snuggling with grizzly bears. Andrea also directs her mesmeric voice toward helping people enjoy exercise and excel in the workplace; in addition, she teaches mothers self-hypnosis techniques to ease natural childbirth.

An integral part of Andrea's support team, Maryanne Everett, certified hypnotist and holistic health coach, helps clients attain their weight loss goals or assuages aches with pain management therapy. Maryanne's ability to unfurl tension through licensed massage therapy complements her hypnotherapy background, which includes 400-plus hours of training she completed at Florida's first official licensed hypnotherapy institute. She applies her knowledge by conducting hypnosis for pain-management treatments as well as holistic coaching hypnosis sessions.


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