Stamp Mill Cafe

840 Saint Stephens Church Rd Gold Hill, NC 28071


The Stamp Mill Cafe fills its menu with hearty, traditional American entrees. Cooks hand press burgers before topping them with provolone cheese or dressing them up Carolina-style with chili, onions, coleslaw, and mustard. They also sizzle up queen-, king-, or jester-cut prime rib, as well as pork tenderloin soused in a paprika-seasoned sauce.

Rustic wooden tables and chairs dot the raised outdoor patio and the main dining room, where a shelf decorated with teakettles and decorative platters runs the length of the crown moulding. The Stamp Mill Cafe hosts special events throughout the month, such as wine tastings, weekly live bluegrass performances, and Shakespearian-style recitations of the menu.

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