Front Climbing Club

1450 S 400 W Salt Lake City, UT 84115


The Front Climbing Club allows stone-scalers an indoor environment where they can train, practice, and scratch their wall-ascending itch. The club's Climbing 101 class will tutor mounting novices on climbing safely, rope skills, basic techniques, and ascender's lingo, ensuring that new climbers are capable of scaling their next-door neighbor's castle battlements before the next full moon. Climbers can take their newly acquired skills to the club's 6,500-square-foot facility, featuring one of Idaho's steepest climbing walls—a smooth, wood-composed wall nicknamed "The Wave." The club focuses on the art of bouldering, in which ropes are replaced by a crash pad to protect against injuries, allowing climbers to conquer walls with little equipment. For those with stringy sentiments, the club also offers top-rope climbing, and after an invigorating climb to the top, you may need a moment to quietly bask in your triumph over gravity, the most mean-spirited mass-attracting natural phenomenon.