Tamara Wolfson, MS, LAc

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Bee venom doesn't sound like a medicinal substance, but to alternative practitioners such as licensed acupuncturist Tamara Wolfson, it's a cocktail of healing compounds. Going back as early as at least 3,000 BC, ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese doctors used the venom—known as apitherapy—along with honey, royal jelly, pollen, and beeswax to treat ailments that ranged from arthritis to multiple sclerosis. Today, the method of using bee venom is sometimes called "nature's Botox" and has even earned attention from mainstream publications such as Allure magazine. Practicing inside Living Medicines Holistic Center, Tamara integrates various hive-sourced substances into her therapies, which include community and private acupuncture, diet consultations, and herb therapy. She also posts resources for clients to use at home, such as tips for creating a holistic medicine cabinet or an entirely edible fort.

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