Kate's Frosting

2518 N Main Ave San Antonio, TX 78212


Savor the sweet sensation of shrunken cupcakedom with 12 of Kate's mini cupcakes (valued at $1.25 each), available in a number of flavors for fluffy feasting. The bakery's daily flavors include vanilla vanilla, vanilla chocolate, chocolate chocolate, and chocolate vanilla, with carrot cake and red velvet permanently on tap and strawberry and lemon popping in throughout the week like wacky neighbors from a network sitcom or Dostoevsky novel. Kate's bold bakers can also tackle special orders, with additional fees applying. Munch on memories from your days as a star high-school quarterback's lab partner with The Jock, featuring banana cake topped with peanut-butter frosting and bacon crumbles, or ascend to nourishment nirvana with the Cloud 9, a white-chocolate cake that's packed with raspberry filling and bedecked in white-chocolate cream-cheese frosting and white-chocolate curls. Call ahead for special orders or simply settle for the standard creamy-crowned fare with a dozen decadent mini cupcakes from Kate's Frosting.

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