Peter Kingsley Hypnotist/Mentalist

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1370 Pantheon Way San Antonio, TX 78232


While living in England, Peter Kingsley displayed his hypnotic skills onstage, bending the personalities of volunteers to the delight of his audiences. Today, at his San Antonio office, he uses those same skills, but for a far different purpose: to give his clients more control over their actions and their lives.

At consultations, Kingsley helps clients to identify goals such as losing weight, kicking a cigarette habit, or bending the spoon of a rival while they're slurping soup. Then, during relaxing hypnotherapy sessions, he encourages a connection between mind and body that improves willpower and bolsters confidence. Kingsley also assists athletes seeking to improve their game, helping them to focus on their aim or mentally drown out catcalls from Goodyear-blimp riders.

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