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12227 Huebner Road San Antonio, TX 78230


An experienced personal trainer, amateur bodybuilder, and former gymnast, Carrie Carmichael discovered her true calling while helping her fellow cops stay in shape. Her fitness career quickly evolved from part-time personal trainer to entrepreneur in 2008, when she opened her gym. Alongside a team of certified trainers, Carmichael now conditions clients of all fitness levels with a high-intensity style that uses functional movements and short bursts of cardio to whittle and tone bodies. The trainers safely guide students through the nine foundational CrossFit movements: squats, front squats, overhead squats, press, push press, push jerk, deadlifts, medicine-ball clean, and sumo deadlift high pull.

The trainers teach CrossFit classes in levels one and two to ensure that their clients' muscles are not overtaxed. They also shape up little ones during CrossFit kids' classes. When they're not teaching their students to toss around weighted medicine balls or deadlift a beached whale, trainers customize workouts with personal-training and yoga classes, as well as amplify results with USANA nutrition supplements.

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