Ultimate Mirror Maze

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Narcissus would certainly be at home in the Ultimate Mirror Maze Challenge, though he'd surely never find his way out once surrounded by infinite hordes of his own reflection. Maze visitors not distracted by their own chiseled jawlines must find their way through endless circles and dead-end paths in the black-lit, mirror-lined cavern. Once they've emerged victorious from the winding corridors, they can celebrate by morphing their appearances in "funky mirrors"—stretching themselves out, making themselves stout, or masquerading as clusters of beanpoles. Inside The Vault Laser Beam Challenge, players race the clock, dodging bright-green laser beams and maneuvering through tricky webs, careful to avoid breaking the light stream. They can play as many times as they wish to perfect their beam-evasion techniques or to practice craftily returning stolen art to museums.