Wash Me Car Salon

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7225 Culebra Rd San Antonio, TX 78251


Wash Me Car Salon sparklifies dirt-caked chariots in three efficient steps. Baths begin with a soapy onslaught of water, which cleanses away crud and eliminates any drag-creating buildup that might slow down your land-train and inhibit it from making jumps through time. A spot-free rinse ferries away any remaining residue before a hand towel-drying wicks away lingering water droplets. Following the quick cleaning, cars can confidently roam the roadways with surfaces unsullied by street scum, ketchup stains, and pencil-drawn portraits of Millard Fillmore. Car caretakers can also forego the washes and use the value of this Groupon toward any of Wash Me Car Salon's full detail services or car wash packages.

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