Bounce U

848 Brittan Ave San Carlos, CA 94070


BounceU transports kids to an inflatable, climate-controlled playground where they can bounce from side to side in a safe, secure environment. Children can practice for future careers as catapult payloads during open-bounce sessions scheduled at various times throughout the week, and the five open-bounce sessions can be split among multiple children and multiple visits. Bounce-U designates specialized play times including Preschool Playdate for mini-yous 7 and younger and Sensory Rebound, where autistic youngsters and their families can enjoy a night of safe and fun bounces. Adults are welcome to act like 8-year-olds and join vivacious youngsters in the playground, where they can mount the climbing structures while imagining they're synchronized leapers in Michael Flatley's Riverbounce.

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