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9225 Chesapeake Dr San Diego, CA 92123


Both soundproof and lightproof, the fiberglass capsules at Float Spa San Diego simulate a world without gravity, and more importantly, a world without distractions. Eight hundred pounds of Epsom salts intermixed with warm water—heated between 94 and 95 degrees—fill the tanks. As a result, clients lose all sense of external stimuli, ultimately leading to unmatched relaxation and a greater empathy toward rubber duckies. The water, harmonized with the skin's temperature, erases the sensation of touch, and the salt allows the body, including the head, to literally float without effort. Researchers have given this phenomenon the moniker REST, meaning Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique, as it has been shown to effectively reduce the brain's workload and enhance the mind and body's ability to relax and self-heal.

At Float Spa San Diego, the capsules are located inside private rooms equipped with showers for use before and after the session. Appointments kick off with 10 minutes of soothing music before all sounds and stimuli are shut off for 50 minutes of supreme silence and relaxation. With their modesty guarded by the locked rooms, clients are free to enjoy their flotation clad in a bathing suit, scuba-diving gear, or, for even less restriction, without any clothing at all.

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