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1453 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109


With years of expertise stowed away in their steady hands, the inksmiths at Funhouse Tattoo San Diego transform swaths of epidermis into personalized pieces of art. Their prowess has gained plenty of outside attention, leading them to be called to the set of The Hangover 2 as prop consultants. The Funhouse facility, resting among the palm-tree-traced streets of Pacific Beach, is a frequent destination for San Diego Chargers players, especially those who need to have the plays permanently doodled onto their arms.

Inside the shop, inked images are available in an assortment of styles. At one station, head artist Leo Cadenazzi sketches the bold lines of Japanese creatures, and at another station, founder Seth Reynolds wraps limbs in symbolic Polynesian portraits. Cadenazzi and Reynolds lead a staff that also specializes in graffiti, realism, and traditional images, such as the Harley-Davidson symbol, an eagle, or Sean Connery getting a tattoo of Sean Connery.

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