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    Up to 85% Off Combat-Fitness Classes
    East Village
    $335 $49 0.8 miles
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    Up to 51% Off Kayak Rental or Tour
    $49 $24 1.4 miles
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    Half Off Tennis Lessons
    Coronado Island Spa and Resort Marriott
    $140 $69.99 1.6 miles
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    49% Off Martial Arts
    Grant Hill
    $55 $28 1.6 miles
619 C St San Diego, CA 92101


In a way, Mo Karimi stumbled upon the idea for San Diego Bike Shop. In early 1998, Mo opened a pedi-cab business. At the time, pedi-cabs were starting to be seen as an alternative to cars, buses, and pogo sticks for getting around congested downtown streets. However, as Mo soon found out, there was an even greater demand for bicycle services and parts. So he quickly converted his space into San Diego Bike Shop, connecting with a neighborhood that needed a bicycling business. Ever since then, Mo and his staff have set customers into motion with bicycle sales and rentals, as well as tune-ups, repairs, and friendly, expert advice.


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