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    Up to 40% Off Improv Comedy Show
    $20 $12 0.1 miles
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    "Foodies! The Musical" – Up to 53% Off
    The Shelton Theater
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    Up to 59% Off Magic Show
    Fairmont Hotel
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    #HellaFunny – Up to 41% Off Standup
    The Great Star Theatre
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    $10 for Standup at Punch Line Comedy Club
    Punch Line San Francisco
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    Up to 55% Off Movie and Snacks from Dealflicks
    On Location
    $20 $9 1.7 miles
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    50% Off Movie Red Carpet Movie Gala
    Marina Theatre
    $50 $25 1.8 miles
414 Mason St San Francisco, CA 94102


Musical-theater works find a stage and an audience through Not Quite Opera's platform of community engagement. The not-for-profit production company gathers playwrights, lyricists, composers, and other San Francisco artists to create performances that reflect upon the lives of fictional neighbors and probe into life's greatest mysteries—such as who would emerge the victor in a wrestling match, Abraham Lincoln or his bionic twin. Artistic director Anne Nygren Doherty, an award-winning playwright and songwriter, works side by side with producer/handyman hubby John Doherty and an evolving collection of area artists to mold music-theatrical fusions, such as the theater's longest-running show, Absolutely San Francisco. The one-woman performance follows Sunshine the Homeless Lady during her journey of personal discovery on a railcar, and was hailed by the San Francisco Bay Times as "fun and funny" and by Statler and Waldorf as "much better than anything Fozzie Bear's done."

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