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1007 Guerrero St San Francisco, CA 94110


Turkish chef Coskun Bektas draws from his Turkish childhood in Turkey and his experience in working in Turkish and Mediterranean kitchens to craft a Turkish menu of freshly made fare using natural ingredients inspired by Turkey. Also, the cuisine is Turkish. Cold appetizers include hummus ($6) and grape leaves stuffed with rice, currants, pine nuts, and herbs ($7), with hot appetizers such as crispy falafels ($6) and crab cakes ($9) for those wishing to test out the novelty mouth fridge acquired in a white-elephant swap. Tuba brings the classic adage "Everything's bigger in Turkey" to life with its generous entree portions. Valiantly attempt to polish off the moussaka ($13), served with rice, or the hearty grilled lamb chops ($22), served with rice and sautéed vegetables. Diners have applauded Tuba's mixed-grill kebab combo ($24), with its myriad of Mediterranean meats, also available in their own kebab platters ($14–$17), all served with rice and sautéed vegetables. End your eats with Tuba's signature dessert, the kunefe ($7), two layers of shredded phyllo dough packed with sweet cheese, baked, and served with syrup and pistachio nuts.

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