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    58% Off Petting-Zoo Visit at Zoomars
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    64% Off Kids' Karate Party
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31791 Los Rios St San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


A rustic Spanish-style farm in the heart of San Juan Capistrano that's been standing since 1890 promises more creatures than just the area's famous swallows. The picturesque estate is part of Zoomars—an all-ages petting zoo that's USDA-approved for cleanliness and the place where more than 100 animals call home. The residents range from the familiar to the exotic: goats, sheep, and potbelly pigs mingle alongside exotic emus, zebus, and zedonks that greet visitors for pets and feeding. One of the zoo's most popular areas is the guinea-pig patch, where some of the farm's fuzziest and friendliest creatures reside. Zoomars also features family-friendly attractions ranging from a miniature train and pony rides to the rustic Miner's Gulch, where panning the water reveals rare treasures such as gemstones and T-shirts from the Led Zeppelin '75 tour.

Meet the Owner

Owner Carolyn Franks started down the path to animal care when she created her own line of dog toys. She soon moved to California where her passion snowballed: she developed pet programs for kids and a bird breeding facility, and even traveled to Brazil to learn about animal conservation. A few years later, she used her knowledge to take over a petting zoo, expanding its pens and transforming its brand into Zoomars.

Franks is joined by a team of zookeepers who are just as well-versed in entertaining kids—and teaching them how to interact with the animals—as they are in caring for and shepherding mammals and birds.

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