Jacquelyn L. Sugich L.Ac.

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Jacquelyn L. Sugich L.Ac. began her career with the single goal of healing people without resorting to drugs. She enrolled in Santa Barbara College Of Oriental Medicine and studied ancient modalities in China as she worked toward a master's of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. After graduating in 2006, she started her practice and went straight to work.

Today, she follows the guiding principle of Chinese medical theory, the cornerstone of which is prevention. She fights off stress and eases muscular tension with her signature massages, and uses hair-thin acupuncture needles to unleash endorphins and reduce anxiety, abdominal pain, and balloon-animal populations. Though these acupuncture sessions are her specialty, they generally make up just one spoke in the wheel of customized, holistic treatment plans that incorporate multiple approaches, including diet and Chinese herbal remedies.

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