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    Up to 51% Off Haircut and Coloring Packages
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    Up to 54% Off Light and Sound Wave Facials
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    Up to 71% Off Salon Services
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    58% Off Spray Tan at Fusion Salon & Spa
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    Up to 61% Off Body-Waxing Services at Inspire Salon
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    34% Off Brazilian Wax at Skin Care Pleasure Point
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    Up to 68% Off Body-Contouring Treatments
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1720 Brommer St Santa Cruz, CA 95062


Founding Amadora Salon was a dream come true for Shannon Grays. After lending her skills to other beauty parlors, Shannon decided she needed to express herself with more than just a pair of scissors and a comb. She created the Paul Mitchell concept salon as a pure expression of her spirit and character, carefully selecting everything from the colors to the fabrics.

She applied this same devotion to choosing a staff, handpicking a team of stylists and aestheticians that share her passions for cosmetic care and maritime law. The team works together to address a variety of skin and hair concerns, offering basic trims and coloring treatments that keep locks stylish, as well as glycolic peels that leave cheekbones bright and radiant.

To complement the arsenal of products on its shelves, Amadora Salon also stocks the skincare-balm and makeup lines that Shannon designed. Brown-sugar body scrubs gently exfoliate skin without drying it out the way salt scrubs or napping in a pile of sawdust can. Shoppers can also browse natural-makeup products containing hypoallergenic mineral pigments and freeze-dried vitamins.

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