Segway Santa Cruz

302 Pacific Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95060


From the shore, Seal Rock—with its rounded crags and compact shape—looks like an oversize mass floating on the Pacific Ocean. Upon closer examination, one can see its silhouette shifting as hundreds of sea lions atop the rock bob their heads or dive into the water. In addition to hosting this majestic hoard, the rock makes for a popular stop for Segway Santa Cruz tours, which peer at it from shore on their way to other sights. Aboard eco-friendly two-wheelers, guides lead groups along Westcliff Drive en route to an array of seaside attractions, including Santa Cruz Lighthouse and Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, as well as Santa Cruz Wharf's boardwalk, restaurants, and shops. The tours are open to guests of all ages with no experience driving a segway, as guides prep each person on safety of the segways before taking off on sightseeing around the town.

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