Brazilian Honey Waxing

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1510 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403


For many, a bee farm might stir feelings of anxiety, and perhaps even childlike fear, but not for Germana, founder and owner of Brazilian Honey Waxing. Growing up on a ranch in Brazil, she spent her childhood playing and experimenting with the honey relinquished from her father's bee farm, eventually spinning the sugary substance into a 100% natural wax. Though Germana has since left her Brazilian home for the humming streets of Santa Monica, she still transforms that same honey from her father's farm into batches of organic and hypoallergenic wax for her boutique. Inside her shop, she and her staff of trained aestheticians do away with unwanted hair on every surface, from bikini lines and legs to noses and chestplates made of discarded mannequin parts. Each and every application of Germana's specialty wax sticks directly to the hair follicle, leaving the skin completely free from irritation.

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