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1148 4th Street, #114 Santa Monica, CA 90403


Unlike many chiropractors, who adjust spines and work on bodies using only one technique, Doctor of Chiropractic Charles Martone utilizes various techniques to improve spinal health and overall wellness. He uses such techniques as full-body unwinding, trigger-point therapy, and cranial/sacral therapy, and each adjustment session comes with bodywork such as deep-tissue massage and Thai stretching. His wife, holistic health practitioner Catalina, then draws on her training as an herbalist and a nutritional counselor to help patients to control nutrient intake and detoxify their bodies.

Dr. Martone and Catalina not only take care of their patients in the office but also outside of it. On their website, they frequently post videos that teach patients how to boost wellness at home, explaining such things as how to make a guilt-free key-lime pie, how to exercise your rotator cuff, and how to shimmy seductively without throwing out your back.

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