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    50% Off Scenic Flight for Three
    Santa Rosa
    $338 $169 0.0 miles
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    Up to 51% Off Limo Winery Tour
    On Location
    $820 $399 2.0 miles
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    Half Off Wine Tasting at Dom Whitney Wines
    $20 $10 2.8 miles
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    53% Off Capoeira
    Santa Rosa
    $85 $40 4.1 miles
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    Up to 55% Off Horseback-Riding Lessons
    Santa Rosa
    $80 $39 4.1 miles
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    Up to 87% Off at EnviroFit Boot Camp
    Corner of Piner and Airway
    $195 $29 4.3 miles
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    Up to 76% Off Martial Arts at Norcal Fighting Alliance
    Santa Rosa
    $100 $29 4.4 miles
5010 Flightline Dr Santa Rosa, CA 95403


The sun slowly dips on the horizon, glazing the waters of the Russian River with a rippling coat of light as the water snakes through the forest to the coast. High above the tips of the ancient, sunset-drenched trees, the hum of a small airplane—piloted by one of North Coast Air's commercial pilots with years of experience under their belt—punctuates the bird song emanating from their branches.

The natural world feels closer than the altitude would suggest on North Coast Air’s scenic air tours, which fly high above the coastline of Sonoma County. When they aren’t regaling passengers with anecdotes about the land’s natural history, Rob and his team of FAA–certified instructors share their passion for flight during individualized flight-instruction programs. Dedicated to helping students to become aviators in their own right, the team patiently teaches the skills necessary to attain a pilot’s license or complete the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

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