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Based on the idea that the most effective workout is one that is completely customized, Koko FitClub’s patented Smartraining sessions gather data about each client’s fitness level and use it to individually tailor workouts. The Smartraining software relies on two things to personalize a workout: a personalized electronic data key for each member and smart machines capable of reading the information on that key.

The key remembers all the workouts its owner has ever done, and it recommends exercises based on the level of fitness it has observed. The machines read those recommendations and literally coach people through strength and cardio exercises, using video screens to describe proper form and set the pace. The resulting computer-created regimen continues to adapt as clients get fitter or spontaneously sprout extra limbs. The program makes it easy for beginners to start a new fitness program without feeling overwhelmed, so they can transform their bodies free from the anxieties of standard exercise routines. Koko FitClub even offers complimentary sessions to let potential members become acquainted with the futuristic fitness technology.

Koko also personalizes nutrition, giving each member a custom Koko Fuel meal plan that details the exact quantity and type of foods needed to fuel their body. The plans teach people what to eat to burn fat, build lean muscle, or boost metabolism.

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