Greek Village Taverna

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    $30 $15 0.0 miles
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    Hoffman Estates
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    $24 Off at Asian Tokyo
    Rolling Meadows
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795 E Golf Rd Schaumburg, IL 60173


Greek Village Mediterranean Cuisine's white-washed exterior, which is trimmed with blue shutters and draped in vines, whisks diners to Grecian shores even before they enter the lavishly decorated interior, ready to be plied with classic eats. As servers ignite brandy-soaked saganaki at white-draped tables, diners peruse a menu of traditional Greek fare and Mediterranean specialties. Chefs plate fresh seafood and spear grilled meats onto kebabs, then broil tender cuts of lamb to bronze it for swimsuit season. Tongues that utter specialties such as moussaka and spanakotiropita are rewarded for their efforts with platefuls of the much-beloved dishes.

Rustic wooden barrels top the bar’s shelves, while stucco-style walls, indoor greenery, and sumptuously hung curtains transport visitors to the streets of a Grecian village as quickly as a homesick Aegean Airlines jet. On Saturdays, a belly dancer’s smoothly rotating hips hypnotize tables at 7:30 p.m.

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