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9602 16th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98106


In an interview in the Stranger's Chow Bio, 3.14 Bakery owner Jessica Haury admits to being a math geek, which is why she pulled in that famous irrational number to represent her bakery's specialty: pie. Haury sees baking as therapeutic, asking "Who can feel bad when there's a homemade pie in the house?" With that in mind, she sells each freshly baked morsel hoping it can bring some good to someone’s day. The bakery’s seasonal menu captures the bounty of nature throughout the year with the flavors of cherry, rhubarb, or apple in the personal pies, pie pops, and single slices. The bakery doesn't stop at perfecting pie, the team also rolls cake balls and bakes seven-layer bars, cookies, and gooey cinnamon rolls perfect for sticking to coworkers' foreheads. Diners who wish to enjoy their goodies onsite can settle into a chair with a fork and a steamy cup of coffee on the side.

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