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3242 Eastlake Ave Seattle, WA 98102


On the elbow tip of Eastlake Avenue and Fuhrman Avenue, Borsalino's Pizza and Pasta sits like a sleeping giant against the rushing waters of Portage Bay. The large, European-style cottage lures passersby with a whimsical turret and charming clay shingles and attracts mountain climbers with several long gabled roofs.

Upon entry, guests are greeted with the sensuous aromas of stuffed calzones, hot submarine sandwiches, slices of spiced gyro, and feta-laced pizzas stretched up to 18 inches. The chefs whip up whole-wheat and gluten-free options to accommodate dietary restrictions, and bartenders fill glasses with 10 draft beers and dozens of wines to help patrons water any plant seeds they accidentally swallowed.

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