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722 Pine St Seattle, WA 98101
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Currently: Open
Mon-Sun: 7am - 1am


Dragonfish's extensive dinner menu transports Near Northwest diners to the Far East without the tiresome clicking of ruby-red heels. Preheat your appetite with Lime Rickey shrimp with cashews in a house-made lemongrass-vodka sauce ($8); dreamy tofu pillows with dipping sauces of spicy peanut, sweet-hot mustard, and caramel ginger ($8); or the caramel-ginger chicken, fried chicken sauced in a caramel-ginger concoction with peppers, scallions, and peanuts ($8). Stomachs sashay to the melodies of Dragonfish's sushi; the Dante's Inferno roll takes eating epic poets through nine levels of delicious hell, marked by tempura shrimp, red onion, kaiware, habanero tobiko, eel sauce, and Thai chili sauce ($12). House specialties include the grilled miso beef rib eye, accompanied in its digestive duties by tempura yams and onions ($19), and the Thai green curry, available with chicken ($13) or prawns ($16). Noodle dishes and vegetable plates are also available.

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