In the Red Wine Bar and Cafe

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6510 Phinney Ave N Seattle, WA 98103


Before it became a hotspot for wine enthusiasts, In The Red Wine Bar's space sheltered a Hansen Lamp & Shade starting in 1937. Its nostalgia-tinged decor—mix-matched wares and antique furniture—carries the tradition first set by the furniture store and complements the aging red, white, and sparkling wines that rotate through the menu on a regular basis. Local and independent craft beers round out the beverage supply, and the bar's edibles include bacon-wrapped dates and four types of mac 'n' cheese, along with a selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu options, all made with local, sustainable ingredients. Along with stocking a wealth of varietals, the bar's staff dispenses wine knowledge with topics ranging from the fundamentals of tasting to tips for pairing wine with the appropriate horror flick.


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