Kokoras Greek Grill

6400 California Avenue Southwest Seattle, WA 98136


Kokoras’s menu lets you kick off your tongue’s tour of the Greek islands in five-alarm style with an “Opa!”-inducing plate of saganaki (flaming Greek cheese with pita, $9.50). Non-pyromaniac diners will prefer the youvarlakia (poached pork meatballs, $4.50) and traditional dolmadakia (a pair of stuffed grape leaves, $3) instead. As part of its 12 Labors, help your Herculean stomach slay the hunger hydra with a traditional gyro ($8) or a hefty souvlaki dinner platter (lamb, beef tenders, chicken breast, or pork marinated and grilled, with salad, pita, and Greek fries or rice pilaf; $18.50). Vegetarians can likewise fill up for a night of circle dancing and plate smashing with a falafel dinner platter ($15) and a vegetarian sandwich (grilled eggplant, red peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms, with olive tapenade and optional feta cheese; $10). Bookend your Olympian repast with pita bread ($2) slathered in tzatziki or taramasalata ($1 each) and finish up with a cup of Greek coffee ($3) and the dessert of the day ($3.50–$5.50).