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    Up to 71% Off Cooking Class at Seattle's Little Italy Al Boccalino
    $120 $36 0.1 miles
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    52% Off a Canning Class at Seattle Can Can
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    Design and Print Your Own Poster with an Antique Letterpress
    Pioneer Square
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    Up to 84% Off Pilates Classes
    Pioneer Square
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    Up to 94% Off Membership at Gold's Gym
    Multiple Locations
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    46% Off a Painting Class at Local Venue
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 65% Off a Marshmallow-Making Class
    Multiple Locations
    $120 $45 0.6 miles
110 S Washington St Seattle, WA 98104


Founder Neil Buckland grew up with a Canon FTb in his hands, and as an adult, parlayed his affinity for striking images into a lucrative career in advertising design and branding. But something wasn’t right. As time passed, Buckland was spending more and more time finding excuses to ditch work and take some snapshots. Finally in 2008, he gave into his true calling, ditched the workaday world of office life, and founded REDred Photo School & Studio.

Today, his accessible workshops and classes help students learn some of the trickier intricacies of modern photography—from understanding what exposure is and how to manipulate it to how to rejigger a DSLR’s auto-modes so that it actually takes decent pictures. Other classes cover more technical concepts such as studio lighting, while still others such as The Art of Photography focus on the aesthetic side. Buckland’s studio is available to rent for personal or commercial photo shoots of any kind, and, for additional fees, the staff can augment such shoots with make-up services, lighting assistance, models for hire, and old-fashioned pterodactyl-powered cameras.