Senza Sole Tan - Airbrush Tanning

3400 Harbor Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126


Senza Sole Tan’s airbrush artists bronze bodies with an organic tanning solution swirling with essential oils, antioxidants, and vitamins. During 30-minute appointments, gilders mist frames clad in bikinis, birthday suits, or empty pickle barrels with Senza’s signature spray, whose hydrating blend of aloe vera, white-tea complex, and vitamin E works to extend the lifespan of golden sheens. Handheld airbrush nozzles help to ensure an even coat, and technicians select colors to complement the skin’s indigenous tones. Although tans begin to materialize immediately, they will continue to deepen over time, so patrons should avoid showers, excessive perspiration, and clowns armed with super soakers for 8–12 hours after the session. Check out Senza Sole Tan’s host of tips to prep for appointments.

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