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2814 Summer Grove Dr Shreveport, LA 71118


Athletes of all backgrounds flock to SpeedWorks to boost their speed, strength, and stamina. Led by the award-winning Matt Merry, the facility arm trainees with universally applicable skills such as linear and multi-direction movement, injury prevention, and how to invent wacky plays that are just crazy enough to win the big game against the no-good meanies of East Side High.

SpeedWorks small group sessions, aimed at ages 7-18, focus on running, lifting, or a combination of the two, with exercises tailored based on the results of the participants’ initial athletic assessment. Alternatively, the center’s one- or two-day clinics cover topics that range from how to eat well to how to meet the speed requirements of a given sport. Similarly, the on-site adult fitness boot camp, aptly named Camp Gladiator, whips trainees into shape in a competitive yet camouflage-free environment.

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