Autostar Car Wash

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    62% Off Martial Arts
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    Up to 83% Off Air Duct, Vent, and Chimney Cleaning
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3231 Automobile Blvd Silver Spring, MD 20904


AutoStar Car Wash takes care of all your vehicle’s aesthetic needs with a range of washing, detailing, and accessory services. A full-service wash tunnel blasts away dirt, muck, and bugs during five wash packages, from the express to the ultimate, which includes an interior vacuuming and dashboard wipe down.

Rides can take advantage of more extensive cleaning with an express or full detail package, including hand waxing, clay-bar treatments, and paint sealant to lock in luster. Aside from restoring vehicular cleanliness, the AutoStar team removes hazy spots from headlights and patches up scratched surfaces. Expertly applied window films save interior upholstery from UV rays that can cause fading, and custom painted pinstripes ready cars for impromptu drag races or appearances in court.

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