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    Up to 60% Off Salt-Room Sessions or Spa Products
    $54 $25 0.5 miles
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    Up to 63% Off Anticellulite Body Wraps
    Multiple Locations
    $90 $39 1.7 miles
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    Up to 61% Off Body Wrap
    Edison Park
    $110 $55 2.8 miles
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    50% Off Services
    Park Ridge
    $60 $30 4.7 miles
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    Up to 64% Off Body Wraps at Skin Renewed By Rhonda
    $125 $49 5.0 miles
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    Up to Half Off Salt-Spa Sessions at Galos Cave
    $70 $35 5.5 miles
8056 Lincoln Ave Skokie, IL 60077


Mystic Fountain Wellness Center's holistic healers restore bodies with recuperative treatments designed to stimulate natural healing processes, not replace them. These treatments might include the strategic placement of tiny adhesive magnets or the application of soft herb- and aloe-soaked bandages, both of which oust stored stress and toxins. The Himalayan salt room also treats chronic conditions, in particular respiratory issues such as sinus trouble. With its low temperature relative to a typical sauna, the infrared sauna is particularly appealing to clients with a low tolerance for heat or snowmen with an extraordinarily high tolerance for heat.