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As Neil Armstrong took one giant leap for mankind, Harvey Bernstein took one small step into the hot-dog business. On that historic day in 1969, Bernstein grilled dogs, burgers, and salami sandwiches from a brand-new fast food joint named Poochie’s. The eatery’s mascot, a dog chomping a hot-dog, labels Poochie’s as "home of the cheddar burger," though the Chicago Tribune suggests otherwise: "One out of seven items ordered at the place—according to owner Chris Christou—is its char salami sandwich." Described as one of "the most masculine sandwiches" ever encountered, the char salami tucks hickory-smoked Vienna Beef salami, mustard, and grilled onions into a crispy french roll. As accessories to meat-centric entrees, the kitchen churns out fresh-cut fries (often loaded with cheese, chili, or both), malts, and battered, deep-fried cheese, onion rings, and mushrooms.