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When registered yoga teacher Carissa Ciuca discovered the ancient art, she was searching for a physical activity that would free her from the restraints of her daily routine. She found that the mental and spiritual breakthroughs it inspired were what truly liberated her and helped to center her life. After training under Seane Corn—an internationally celebrated yoga teacher—among others, she realized her dream of opening her own yoga studio, then closing it once in a while so she could go home and sleep. Now, Carissa and her large, highly trained team of registered instructors strive to create a sanctuary where students of all abilities can achieve individual growth, celebrate community, and foster self-awareness.

The staff helps students unite mind, body, and spirit through the flows and postures of Vinyasa, gentle yin, and postnatal classes. They created this curriculum to help students let yoga’s lessons stir change in their current lives and not in their past, for which time travel yoga is notorious. When they are not immersed in their own practice, these motivating instructors empower students to reshape their lives with a comprehensive teacher certification program, which emphasizes the Vinyasa style.


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