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    45% Off Gourmet Deli Food at Smacky's on Broadway
    Smacky's On Broadway
    $10 $5.50 0.1 miles
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    $30 $15 4.2 miles
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    $10 for Pub Food at Jones Radiator
    Jones Radiator
    $20 $10 4.3 miles
6415 E Broadway Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99212


Though it’s not uncommon to hear lip smacking at Smacky’s on Broadway, that’s not how the eatery got its name. It was named after owner Mike’s childhood pet monkey. But despite its playful name, Smacky’s is serious about sandwich making. Its menu includes french dips, crispy paninis, and twice-baked hoagies. All of these handheld meals are made with fresh-baked bread, save for the selection of wraps, and top-choice black forest ham, roast beef, and slow-roasted turkey.

In 2009, Smacky’s moved into a roomy, newly renovated space with wood-paneled walls and an eclectic collection of furniture. Above a big fuzzy green sofa hang an assortment of frying pans, windowpanes, and a map of North America. These seemingly random decorations help create a casual atmosphere, not unlike when a corporation insists its employees wear footed pajamas to the office.

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