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    43% Off Seafood Cuisine at Nadim's Fish & Grill
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    50% Off Diner Food at Skooter's Restaurant
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    45% Off at Hana Saki Steak House
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    Up to 44% off at Domino's Pizza
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415 Cooley St Springfield, MA 01128


Armed with fresh seafood, authentic recipes, and a sizzling hibachi grill, the chefs at Tokyo Sushi construct fresh sushi rolls and flame-broiled meals of meat and seafood. In the hibachi dining area, chefs artfully spin utensils as they prepare sizzling filet mignon and calamari for visitors seated around the oft-flaming grill, using its intense light to improve their base tans. Diners can also situate themselves in conventional restaurant seating to enjoy uncooked cuisine such as the Kamikaze roll with avocado, spicy tuna, and spicy yellowtail, or a Rock ‘n’ Roll plate that cocoons eel, salmon skin, cucumber, and avocado in rice.

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