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3014 E Sunshine St. Springfield, MO 65804


Though the instructors and music selections rotate at My Hot Yoga, guests can bank on a steady temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This warmth is less cloying than it is liberating, loosening muscles so that students can ease into more pronounced poses during class. It also encourages a cleansing sweat, clears the mind, and boosts heart rates, providing a more focused substitute for traditional cardio workouts such as running or blinking very fast. Sessions range from the Vinyasa flow sequences of Hot 60 to the long holds of Deep Stretch, and they’re suited for all ages and fitness levels. This flexibility is what fuels the staff's overarching mission: to turn a hobby into a personalized lifestyle choice. Instructors further promote a comfortable, custom atmosphere by modifying poses and even allowing guests to submit song requests.


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