Melissa's Main Street Bistro

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407 Main St Stoneham, MA 02180


Referencing a revolving menu of bistro fare, the chefs at Melissa's Main Street Bistro carefully plate grilled seafood and meats with seasonal vegetables and sauces. They braise short ribs and pair them with a choice of starch, vegetable, and sauce, and help linguine win games of hide-and-seek by burying the noodles in the seafood fra diavolo's cornucopia of haddock, calamari, salmon, shrimp, mussels, and lobster. Armed with ladles and small plates, they dole out daily soups and tapas that accent the savory meals. The bar offers glimpses into the kitchen, and the eatery's large windows funnel sunlight from outside, where a maroon awning hovers over flower boxes that pepper the sidewalk as gracefully as a hopscotch course leading to etiquette school.

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