Canterbury Ales Oyster Bar and Grill

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46 Audrey Ave Oyster Bay, NY 11771


Every seat inside Canterbury's Oyster Bar & Grill gives diners the feeling they’re sitting inside a special kind of time capsule. That’s because all the surrounding walls are covered with historical photographs of Oyster Bay’s history. Because the restaurant has been around for more than 30 years, this reverence for the past turns meals into a timeless experience; diners may even eat some of the same oyster dishes that originally made the area a haven for seafood lovers. Guests will find the menu full of signature ocean treats, from raw and baked oysters done in myriad preparations to seafood towers that combine the likes of lobster, tuna sashimi, and other delicacies into shareable feasts. Filet mignon and parmesan-crusted chicken get all the same careful attention in the kitchen as the seafood, with careful presentations and bedtime stories every night.

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