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713 S Crouse Ave Syracuse, NY 13210


Black tapioca pearls bob at the bottom of Boba Suite's drinks, their flavors of sweet potato, cassava root, and brown sugar lending a chewy contrast to the fruit and tea swirling above. These drinks begin, as they usually do, with liquids: teas in flavors such as passion-fruit oolong and yogurt green tea occupy menu space alongside lemonades, smoothies, and juices. Aside from the traditional black pearls, add-ons ranging from herb-infused jellies to fruit-flavor-packed pop bobas complete each drink, eventually settling at the bottom where they're sucked up by oversized straws or unusually strong lips. In addition to serving up its signature sips, Boba Suite also offers food options such as ramen bowls, homemade pastries, and an array of sandwiches.

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