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1415 Timberlane Rd Tallahassee, FL 32312


The chefs at A La Provence show discipline in their commitment to classic French recipes as well as to how they source ingredients; they use only natural grass-fed beef from Harris Ranch, domestic veal and lamb from Marcho Farms or Strauss Farms, and fish and shellfish brought fresh daily from Southern Seafood. Using these meats, they craft a gallery of traditional French- and European-American fusion dishes, relying on precise recipes rather than just carving steaks into the shape of Napoleon's face. They showcase their talent and creativity through a nightly changing amuse-bouche, a bite-size appetizer that servers ferry to tables before the main dinner. They follow this introduction with French classics such as rack of lamb, duck confit, and filet mignon. At lunch, they prepare salmon and rainbow trout with sides such as herb risotto and garlic haricots verts. The aromas of these dishes and international wines fill the stone-tiled dining room, where walls are hung with mirrors in gilded frames, delicate sconces, floral displays, and oil paintings of tree-lined French streets.