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1355 Market St Tallahassee, FL 32312


A wedding reception organized by Simply Entertaining might go something like this: A limousine chauffeur whisks newlyweds to a white-tent gala, where stemware chimes and festive music floods the air. Every napkin, plate, and cup advertises the nuptials. Guests dine on organic cuisine as the father of the bride switches on a microphone and proposes a toast. Meanwhile, a photographer immortalizes every moment.

Simply Entertaining could take credit for each facet of this scenario. Supporting celebrations at every stage, the company's services ensure that milestone events live up to expectations. The shop prints custom invitations on premium heavyweight card stock and can add digital photographs or thermographic raised print that records dates and times into fingertips' memories. Chefs prepare catered fare with locally grown ingredients and happily accommodate vegetarian, vegan, or special dietary needs. Entertainment and photography services couple up to ensure that everyone has fun and can relive the memories.

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